Grabbing a Cup of Joe with Foley


For the past few weeks I’ve had one artist on repeat, Foley. We just recently discovered this talented fella and can’t stop listening! I can’t say enough good things about singer/songwriter Connor, lead singer of Foley. It was so refreshing to meet such a talented singer who is so humble and appreciative of everything that comes his way. We were fortunate enough to snag an hour of his time for an interview and left even bigger fans than we were to begin with.


Where do you get your musical inspiration from?
Honesty all over. I listen to lots of One Republic, and I actually got the opportunity to work with the keyboardist from the band and play some music. The entire band are all fantastic musicians and all really cool people to hang out with. Besides One Republic, for live shows I look at Mutemath because they are super energetic and try to get the crowd involved. I also listen to lots of hip hop and like be inspired by certain word play or certain beats.

When did you first start singing?
I’ve basically been singing my entire life. My dad bought me and my siblings the Tarzan soundtrack [when we were young] and we started to learn harmonies just from that because Phill Collins in a genius!

Which one of your songs is your favorite?
That’s hard… there are two that stand out. The first is “Nostalgia”. I’ve been trying to write it since I was 13 and didn’t finish it until I was 18. It’s about my Aunt telling me what it was like to lose the person she loves, her husband. She said it was the most difficult thing she has ever had to go through. But there came a point where she knew it was more important to remember the things she gained from him and that a part of him will always be with her. That helped her cope with [the loss], the fact that she would rather think of the good times with him rather than that he’s not there. She was later diagnosed with cancer and passed away when I was 14, so I’ve tried writing that song so many times because I wanted to make it perfect. “Nostalgia” is the closest [song] to my heart. I’ve learned so much from her free spirit and I like to think that I got my free spirit from her.
“Feels Like Home” is another, we had 2 hours of extra time in the studio and so I went into the room and started playing this song and it ended up staying on the album. There was a point [while I was playing] where I had forgotten not necessarily where I was but what was going on, and I forgot the chords and messed up but it ended up sounding awesome! That song is written about me going to Nashville for my first year of college and leaving all my friends and family. My family is really close and super tightknit and they are always there for me so [the song] was about leaving all that behind. I starting writing songs after that about life and not just about a girl. I didn’t want to be that person that just wrote love songs, I wanted to be the person that wrote about things that mattered to me, not just in the moment but that would always matter.


For people that have never heard your music can you explain your sound in just a few words?
That’s really difficult, I like everything with really catchy melodies. I guess I would say: Alternative-pop-rock-indie-something…

Do you ever get nervous performing?
I love performing! That is where I get in my element. I do get stressed out before because we had so many technical malfunctions before so I’ll have anxiety about making sure I have everything. Not necessarily nervous for the show but just if anything could go wrong. But once I’m on stage it all goes away. There is nothing more comfortable than being on stage for me.

Are there any events coming up?
No shows planned right now but were working on an EP. And once the EP’s done well start doing more live shows.

It’s obviously how much he loves singing and performing and has a way of spreading that feeling though every room.
I highly recommend checking out his album and seeing if he’s playing in a town near you! In the meantime, you can find Foley on Spotify, ITunes, Soundcloud, and Instagram (@foleymusic). We promise it’ll make your ears very happy!

DIY: Vitamin Drinks

Vitamin Water: Detox and Immune Drinks

NM DIY Detox and Immune Drinks

If this doesn’t make your mouth water we don’t know what will. We’re revealing the secret ingredients to our favorite vitamin drinks!

Detox Facelift:

  • 2 Cups Sliced Watermelon
  • 2 Teaspoons of Basil
  • 1 Cup Sliced Cucumber
  • Ice (Optional)

Immune Sombrero:

  • 1/2 Sliced Orange
  • 1 Cup Sliced Piineapple
  • 1/4 Sliced Lemon
  • Ice (Optional)


Savor and enjoy!

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Newport Madison

Taking a “Pinterest-Perfect” Picture


pic33We all want to take them, you know, those “Pinterest-Perfect” pictures random people will “pin” on Pinterest. Well let me just say it is definitely not the easiest thing, otherwise we would all take them :( but it’s still fun to try! And sometimes the “failing” pictures capture the real memories…

At our latest photo-shoot co-owner, Corliss, jumped in front of the camera and we “attempted” to re-create some popular Pinterest pictures.

The result?

 pic34              pic35


Memories…pure memories…


We’re Live! #YogaOn

photo 2

Welcome to Newport Madison’s new blog!

Most people know what yoga is.. It’s that exercise where you just stretch, right? Nope! Okay, so you will definitely be stretching your body in ways you never imagined, but the benefits of yoga long surpass those of basic stretching. Some of the benefits of practicing yoga include stress relief, weight loss, improving blood circulation, massaging internal organs (yes I did just say messaging your organs), balancing your metabolism, building a better posture, and many more! No wonder our generation is in such a yoga craze!


The Choice of Brand for the Inner Yogi

Newport Madison girls always strive to be unique: she is independent, cultured and takes awesome pictures when she travels around the world with nothing but a backpack and no agenda.

This is How We Yoga

photo 2 photo 1


Your Husband Called…He Said You Can Buy Everything

yoga leggings

Finding the perfect yoga style is no easy task. Whether you’re out at the beach with your girlfriends or stretching it out on a sunset roof, your leggings will make your entire outfit…and throw some compliments your way as well.;)

But whats makes a pair of leggings YOUR prefect pair? Maybe it’s the fabric, the way it fits perfectly with your loose top, or maybe its the way the color matches your favorite season. Our new collection of comfort, multi-purpose leggings has all your bases covered! We’ve brought hot new styles that are sure to make a statement.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our leggings and yourself outside!

p.s. Your husband called and said you can buy everything.