We’re Live! #YogaOn

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Most people know what yoga is.. It’s that exercise where you just stretch, right? Nope! Okay, so you will definitely be stretching your body in ways you never imagined, but the benefits of yoga long surpass those of basic stretching. Some of the benefits of practicing yoga include stress relief, weight loss, improving blood circulation, massaging internal organs (yes I did just say messaging your organs), balancing your metabolism, building a better posture, and many more! No wonder our generation is in such a yoga craze!


The Choice of Brand for the Inner Yogi

Newport Madison girls always strive to be unique: she is independent, cultured and takes awesome pictures when she travels around the world with nothing but a backpack and no agenda.

This is How We Yoga

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Your Husband Called…He Said You Can Buy Everything

yoga leggings

Finding the perfect yoga style is no easy task. Whether you’re out at the beach with your girlfriends or stretching it out on a sunset roof, your leggings will make your entire outfit…and throw some compliments your way as well.;)

But whats makes a pair of leggings YOUR prefect pair? Maybe it’s the fabric, the way it fits perfectly with your loose top, or maybe its the way the color matches your favorite season. Our new collection of comfort, multi-purpose leggings has all your bases covered! We’ve brought hot new styles that are sure to make a statement.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our leggings and yourself outside!

p.s. Your husband called and said you can buy everything.